Vault 12v/5v Powerpack

Little pack, big power. Despite barely being the size of an A5 notebook, the Vault’s 12v cigarette lighter socket and two 5v USB ports can power anything from your mobile phone to your laptop to your portable refrigerator.

It’s immensely efficient too, capable of delivering up to 18 charges of most high powered smartphones. Most portable DVD players operate for a full 24 hours when powered by the Vault, and laptops & tablets can be charged again and again, up to six times over. The Vault is 70% smaller and lighter than most conventional sealed lead acid (SLA) bivvy packs of comparable capacity and sets a new bar for portable power sources on the bank or in the field.

Equipped also with protective port covers and a neoprene carry case, the Vault is one of our most popular products.

Product features
  • Approximately the size of an A5 book
  • Premium grade lithium polymer internals
  • Simultaneous dual voltage output
  • Huge capacity: 16-18 charges of most smartphones, 24 hours runtime for most portable DVD players, 3-6 charges of most tablets and laptops
  • 70% smaller and lighter than conventional sealed lead acid (SLA) bivvy packs

Dimensions: 205mm x 115mm x 40mm

Weight: 1275g

Capacity: 22Ah @ 12v / 52,800mAh @ 5v / 71,350mAh @ 3.7v

Output: 12v 13A socket / twin 5v 2.1A USB

Comes complete with protective port covers and a neoprene carry case

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