Bivvy-Lite Duo

Make fumbling around in the dark a thing of the past with the RidgeMonkey Bivvy-Lite Duo... 2600mah of rechargeable lithium powered luminescence!!

Product features
  • Twin colour - white and red
  • Twin brightness settings
  • Sealed construction with built in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Compact, lightweight design: 200mm x 35mm x 35mm, 195g
  • Magnetic fittings • Simple push button control
  • Versatile micro USB charging port

Approximate battery life between charges:

Bright red: 6-7 hours Dim red: 70-75 hours

Bright white: 9-10 hours Dim white: 110-120 hours

Up to 120 hours of use from a single 5 hour charge, and no more buying expensive batteries. Simply plug into any USB port to charge.

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